Great Marriages offers one-on-one marriage mentors for couples in crisis:

  • Considering divorce
  • Financial stress
  • Marital discord
  • Anxiety/Non-communication

"My Spouse Is Driving Me Crazy"

Yes, there are times when either your husband or wife may frustrate you. That is a part of human nature. At Great Marriages, it is our goal to help you work through your frustration with each other (and possibly with yourself) and learn how to bring your marriage back on track.

How Can Great Marriages Help Us?

Program coordinators can explain programs and classes available to your particular needs. Marital programs vary from monthly presentations to individual mentoring programs. All programs work to help you overcome challenges to build a happy, healthy relationship.



Prepare and Enrich is the core of our program. We use it for married or engaged couples that want to strengthen and enrich their relationship. Couples meet individually with trained, certified marriage mentors to learn skills that will aid in overcoming any challenges to build a happy, healthy relationship and a strong marriage. This program is specifically tailored to each couple. There are 6-10 weekly sessions.

Fee: Relationship Inventory is $35* - Mentoring Program is free

The mentoring program begins with an online inventory from Prepare and Enrich. This inventory costs $35. The results of the inventory are used by mentors to target the free sessions. Great Marriages receives no funds for mentoring. All mentors are trained and certified through the Prepare and Enrich program.

Call 920.783.6142 to inquire about signing up for our mentoring sessions.