Corporate Wellness

What is a Lunch & Learn?

Lunch & Learns are short presentations given during the lunch hour on a variety of topics that are relevant to employees. Less formal than a traditional training event, Lunch & Learns provide employees with the opportunity to gain knowledge on a range of subjects that pertain to their personal and professional growth. All of this takes place over a typical “lunch hour”, which encourages higher rates of employee involvement and reduces work time spent on development.

How will it benefit your business?

Great Marriages has provided Lunch & Learns on an array of subjects from Communication to Conflict Management. Businesses who devote resources to the personal development of their employees see impressive returns on their investment. Studies suggest that the average return on investment for these kinds of programs is $1.17 to more than $6 per dollar spent.(1)


Meanwhile, employers end up paying indirect costs for personal issues such as divorce, depression or employee conflict. The cost of an employee’s divorce on an employer can be upwards of $10,000.(2) The effects of general depression on an employee can cost a company more than $5,000.(3) Further, employees spend an average of 28 hours per week dealing with workplace conflict, resulting in lost time and productivity.(4) 

What is the value?

Based on speaker fees, time and talent resources expended, and general logistics, the value of a 1-hour Lunch & Learn program is around $1,000 per event. Based on statistics, this could yield a return of $6,000 for the business! This does not include the money saved by helping employees prevent issues such as divorce, depression and workplace conflict. 


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