Workshop: Love Thinks!  How Not Marry a Jerk/ette

  • Saturday, April 29, 2017 -- 1:00-3:00pm
  • Speaker:  Donna Schelfhout
  • Location:  Christian Life Church, Plymouth
  • Cost:  $10/person (Includes snacks and beverages)

This workshop is for adults who want to make smart choices in dating including: individuals who have experienced a divorce and are dating again; never married singles, and anyone who wants to know how to find a mate who is compatible for a healthy relationship. Join Donna Schelfhout, Family Specialist, for a fun and informative night!


Speaker Bio:
My name is Donna Schelfhout.  I have been married for 23 wonderful yet crazy years! I have been mentoring married couples for 17 years and have worked with youth and young adults for 13 years.  I love teaching and counseling!  I hold a Masters in Psychology and a license for counseling. My husband and I have two grown children and a sweet little grandson.  Life is awesome when you find the right one!!  I look forward to helping you figure out who you should be looking for too!.


Date Night:  The Retirement Puzzle

  • Saturday, April 29, 2017 – 7:00-8:30pm
  • Speaker:  Eric Grasse
  • Location:  Stefanie H. Weill Center, Sheboygan
  • No Cost!  FREE!

Does the subject of money create stress and arguments in your household? Does retirement seem like only a dream? Join us as we share helpful tips/tools to bring you closer together as a couple, preparing you to communicate and plan for the next phase of life by answering 2 questions: What does our vision of retirement look like? And how do we get there?

This event is sponsored by National Exchange Bank & Trust as part of Money Smart Week Sheboygan.

Date Night: awesome skills that will alter the course of your conflict "crazy cycle"!

  • Saturday, May 13, 2017 -- 6:00-8:00pm
  • Speaker:  Ed Riddick
  • Location:  Great Marriages, 612 Center Avenue, Sheboygan
  • Cost:  $15/person (Includes dinner)

Conflict in personal relationships is normal.  Often overlooked, interpersonal conflict has the positive benefit of stretching us and deepening long-term relationships.  Join us as we teach you how to better work together to increase understanding, expand your options and create a plan for resolution.

Ed Riddick of Celebrate Marriage is our speaker for this Date Night.  Ed has years of experience counseling couples.  He holds a Master's degree in counseling with a focus on marriage and family counseling.  Recognizing the need for focused attention on conflict resolution, he pursued a specialty in Dispute Resolution (MDR).  His expertise is communication and conflict resolution. 

Date Night : Couples Coaching (Faith-Based)

  • Saturday, June 24, 2017 -- 6:00-8:00pm
  • Speakers: Shane Hansen
  • Location:  Great Marriages, 612 Center Avenue, Sheboygan
  • Cost:  $15/person (includes dinner)

Using the same life coaching model that he uses when coaching clients, Coach Shane developed this couples coaching workshop for Great Marriages as another resource to help couples examine where they are in their relationship and discuss where they want to go, together with God as their guide. Couples will discuss important topics in their marriage while Coach Shane leads them through the phases of the life coaching model; Awareness, Vision, Strategies/Action Steps, and Obstacles.

Couples will not be discussing their relationships in front of the group or with other couples so, while it is a group event in the sense that there will be other couples around, the experience is 100% unique and personal to each couple.   

Life coaching is proving to be a highly successful method in helping people achieve their goals and live more fulfilling lives, and it can have the same positive impact on marriages as well!

Space is limited to first 15 couples! Reservations are first come, first serve.

Date Night: Love on the Beach (5 Love Languages)

  • Saturday, July 22, 2017 -- 6-8pm
  • Speakers:  Steve & Donna Schelfhout
  • Location:  Blue Harbor Beach
  • Cost:  $15/person (Includes dinner)

One of our most romantic Date Nights!  We meet on the beach at the beautiful Blue Harbor Resort on the Lake Michigan shore for a picnic dinner.  We then educate you on the 5 love languages and how to best express love for each other on a daily basis to keep your "love tanks" full!

Space is limited to 7 couples.

Date Night: Love and Respect

  • Saturday, August 5, 2017 -- 6:00-8:00pm
  • Speakers:  Tom & Sue Rice
  • Location:  Great Marriages, 612 Center Avenue, Sheboygan
  • Cost:  $15/person (Includes dinner)

A wife has one driving need: to feel loved.  When that need is met, she is happy. 

A husband has one driving need: to feel respected.  When that need is met, he is happy.

When either of these needs isn't met, things can get crazy.  This Date Night will reveal why spouses react negatively to each other, and how they can deal with such conflict and restore the love and respect they both desire. 

Speaker Bio: After completing a successful career in Human Resource Management, Tom and his wife, Sue, began mentoring for Great Marriages in 2011. After a year, Tom was asked to serve as Interim Executive Director while a search was made for a full time Executive Director. Upon hiring a new ED, Tom continued to serve on the Board and he is now the Chairman of our Board of Directors. He and Sue also continue as the coordinators of our mentoring program and are responsible for training all of our mentor couples.

Workshop: 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work

  • Saturday, September 9, 2017 -- 9:30am-12:00pm 
  • Presenters:  Roger & Jann Blanchard
  • Location:  Great Marriages Office
  • Cost:  $50/couple (includes book, workbooks & snacks)

This Workshop will give you practical skills to improve the friendship in your relationship, help with conflict management, and strengthen your relationship for the future. The workshop is based in research done by John and Julie Gottman over 4 decades, and it has proved effective. The workshop is for couples of all ages, ability and orientation. Leave with your relationship strengthened and skills to help you turn toward each other, not away!

Roger Blanchard is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has worked with marriages and family relationships throughout his career. Jann has a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and has taught in a variety of public, private, and parochial schools. The Blanchards were trained in Couple Communication, Prepare & Enrich, and Gottman's 7 Principles for Making Marriage Work. They have been leading marriages and relationship workshops for over 3 decades and have mentored couples with Great Marriages for 8 years. Their biggest inspiration and joy is seeing couples grow in their relationship with each other. The Blanchards have been happily married for 50 years!

*Each couple is required to purchase the 7 Principles book and 2 workbooks (included in price).  This will be a 2-part workshop, with the next date determined by the attendees.  Limited to 6 couples, so register today!

Sprecher’s Charity Day

  • Tuesday, September 19, 2017 -- 11am-9pm
  • Sprecher's Pub, 820 Indiana Ave, Sheboygan

Sprecher’s Charity Day to benefit Great Marriages!

Grab some friends or co-workers and come to Sprecher’s anywhere between 11am-9pm on Tuesday, 9/19 to support Great Marriages!  We will receive 10% of sales for the day, so don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to have a delicious meal and support our mission to keep marriages healthy and families together.

Date Night: 5 Love Languages

  • Saturday, September 30, 2017 -- 6:00-8:00pm
  • Speaker:  Jocelyn Medrek
  • Location:  Great Marriages Office
  • Cost:  $15/person (Includes dinner)

Are you speaking your spouse or significant other's love language?  How do you know what your love language is?  We will help you learn each other's language at this fun Date Night, and give you examples so you know just how to keep your "love tanks" full on a daily basis.  Leave feeling like you know just how to give and receive the love you each deserve.

Jocelyn is a former elementary school teacher who has been working in the non-profit world for 13 years.  She has held the position of program manager, development associate, and is now Director of Operations/Program Logistics Manager at Great Marriages.  Jocelyn is married, has 2 children of her own, and 3 step-children.  When not working, she enjoys reading, exercising, and enjoying all the fun her family has living on Random Lake.