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Think about surprising your spouse with something special they would not take time normally to do.

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Strengthening Relationships

At Great Marriages, we work with you to strengthen and enrich your marriage through mentoring and teaching relationship skills. We do this in an effort to keep your family healthy and together. At Great Marriages, we consider your marriage our most valuable resource, vital to the health of our society and its citizens. And we want to give you the hope and the skills necessary to achieve a happy, lifelong marriage.

The Love Boat - May 3, 2014

empty Julie Baumgardner will be our guest speaker at the seventh annual Celebration of Marriage Banquet. The banquet helps support local marriages and families. Ms. Baumgardner is President and CEO of First Things First, an award winning organization dedicated to strengthening families through education, collaboration and mobilization. RVSP deadline is April 23. Table and Banquet Sponsorships are available. Contact us for more details. View and print invitation. Register ONLINE!

Wedding Consulting Services - NEW!

Appointments now available for brides and grooms planning their wedding and preparing for a lifelong marriage. Two hours of free wedding coordinating is available for all who complete either Premarital Counseling or take our premarital Saturday class!

Areas of Focus

Great Marriages provides programs for every potential stage or condition in your marriage. We work to support the growth of your healthy marriage.

Make A Resolution to Your Marriage

This year, make a resolution to strengthen your marriage. Plan a special get-away for just the two of you where you will be able to reconnect and talk about your plans and dreams for the upcoming year.

We Are Here To Help

Contact Great Marriages to learn more about valuable teaching tools and other resources we have available for your use.