The Importance of Pre-Marital Mentoring

You can plan the perfect wedding, but have you thought about what your marriage will look like?

Equip yourselves with the tools you will need to overcome any challenge that comes your way by mentoring at Great Marriages. We pair you up with a couple who has been married a minimum of 20 years and they will educate you on how to have a successful, life-long marriage. 

Expert mentoring can guide couples during this stressful time to:

  • Listen and learn about one another’s needs and fears
  • Provide a haven from stress and anxiety
  • Practice loving negotiation and compromise
  • Truly understand one another’s values
  • Maintain respect, appreciation and admiration
  • Reality check what you can change, and what you cannot change

Achieving these relationship skills will serve you well on your lifelong journey together. Be prepared for the journey ahead as a strong team. This will be the wisest time spent during your wedding planning!

Enjoy your wedding, and plan for your future!