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Special Event : "Becoming Compatible" (MARK GUNGOR’S FLAG PAGE)

This event is for everyone!  Singles, engaged, dating or married couples!  Whether it's your spouse, child, co-worker or neighbor, knowing what is important to them and what motivates them helps you become more compatible! 

The word compatible comes from the Latin word compati, which literally means “to suffer with”. A couple who can suffer with each other is, in fact, the very definition of compatible. Being compatible is not about reaching a state of nirvana, it is about having someone you can do life with. Life in all it’s ugly, messy, painful, glorious, wonderful and marvelous state.  

The word for two people who always think and feel the same, share the same interests and always embrace the same goals is not compatible, it’s delusional. The key to succeeding with anyone - business partners, friends, family, children - and especially a spouse, is understanding. 

Phil Gungor will help you succeed in any relationship by understanding the key motives of the other person - by intentionally Becoming Compatible.

  • Speaker:  Phil Gungor (Mark’s son!)
  • Location: Word of Grace Community Church, 837 Buffalo St, Sheboygan Falls
  • Time:  6:30-8:30pm


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Later Event: October 13
Dinner and... "5 Love Languages"