Because of you...

Bob* came into my office a few weeks ago… He told me his son Pete and daughter-in-law Jill were having trouble in their marriage. Jill wanted to get help, Pete did not. Bob said he thought it was his fault for not being a good enough example to his son. He cried, then I cried. I told him we can help and that there is always hope! He left with some great resources and our number to give to Pete and Jill.


(*names changed for privacy)

This scenario is a common occurrence for us at Great Marriages. Your support and encouragement make it possible for us to help these people in need. We teach couples relationship skills so they can be healthy examples to their children and to each other. You help us keep families together so these same children grow up with a mom and a dad in the house and feel loved and supported. You make it possible for us to prepare couples for marriage and help avoid Pete and Jill’s scenario! We cannot do any of this without YOU.

This year our goal is to raise $40,000 through our “stay-at-home fundraiser.” We need your help! An anonymous donor is willing to match the first $10k we raise. With your help we can reach our goals and continue to impact our community. 


“SET IT and FORGET IT” : Skip the hassle and opt for easy monthly donations! A monthly gift does even more to help save relationships!

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