Prepare and strengthen relationships, enrich marriages, and keep families together.


A community of vibrant, strong, joyful, life-long marriages.



Great Marriages makes extensive use of mentors who are trained and certified in marriage mentoring and provide one-on-one, face-to-face sessions educating and promoting communication and conflict resolution skills. We are mentors, not trained counselors or therapists. We experienced trials and tribulations in our marriages over the years and wish to share with you how we were able to work together to work through your problems and grow stronger both individually and as a couple.



In 2005, Great Marriages began as Your Marriage Matters.  A handful of civic minded couples sensed that something was askew within the community.  They wanted to raise awareness and provide an alternative path for the community, one of strong, healthy, life-long marriages, which would lead to secure families and result in a vibrant community.  They began promoting marriage and providing tools to maintain and improve existing marriages.

Great Marriages supports and promotes marriage by educating the community on the importance of marriage as a necessary foundation of our society, which is vital to the health of the community in which we live. By the sheer determination of committed donors, volunteers, community churches and local businesses, Great Marriages has not only maintained a presence within the community, it has grown