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Through our Lending Library, Great Marriages offers books, DVD's and CD's which will enable you and your spouse to learn more about your relationship and how to grow together. Topics include communication, conflict resolution, marriage enrichment, marital sexual intimacy, infidelity, parenting and families, singles, engaged couples, newlyweds, empty nesters, blended families, divorce prevention, finance, devotionals and more. We have a limited number of resources available in Spanish.

Please visit our LIBRARY page for a full list of our available resources.


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With your help, we can lighten the load and enable Great Marriages to accomplish more with less.

 Volunteer Opportunities

  • Clerical work
  • Special events
  • Send out mailings
  • Fundraising
  • Childcare (during marriage mentoring sessions)
  • Lawn mowing (mower will be provided)
  • Snow shoveling
  • Janitorial services (amounts to about 3 hours per month)


Become a Mentor

The greatest untapped resource to save marriages is couples with solid marriages willing to invest in other couples by sharing their testimony and example.

We invite couples who are passionate about marriage to use their gifts, abilities, and life experience to come alongside and encourage couples to grow in their relationships with each other.

Mentoring couples see the benefits of giving their time to assist you in enriching your marriage. They are not paid staff members.

How Do I Become A Mentor

Most mentor couples do not recognize their potential to serve as mentors, but are identified by others as having a loving, committed marriage. Couples who feel called to serve as mentors are encouraged to visit Great Marriages at any time or to email

Prepare and Enrich

A mentor couple serves as a resource for couples who seek guidance and direction to address particular problems in marriage or a relationship. Mentors are trained in various skills like communication, problem solving, asking for forgiveness etc. They conduct numerous sessions with couples who request help. These sessions are designed to teach and allow practice in basic skills which enable them to openly communicate, and enrich, nurture, and build a life-long relationship.

Mentor Requirements

A mentor couple does not have to have a perfect marriage, but should be a couple who is willing to share their experience and dedication to a lifelong commitment with others. We ask that couples be married 20+ years and be willing to invest time and energy in helping other couples. Great Marriages trains and certifies all mentors and provides the space and resources to help others.



Corporate Wellness

What is a Lunch & Learn?

Lunch & Learns are short presentations given during the lunch hour on a variety of topics that are relevant to employees. Less formal than a traditional training event, Lunch & Learns provide employees with the opportunity to gain knowledge on a range of subjects that pertain to their personal and professional growth. All of this takes place over a typical “lunch hour”, which encourages higher rates of employee involvement and reduces work time spent on development.

How will it benefit your business?

Great Marriages has provided Lunch & Learns on an array of subjects from Communication to Conflict Management. Businesses who devote resources to the personal development of their employees see impressive returns on their investment. Studies suggest that the average return on investment for these kinds of programs is $1.17 to more than $6 per dollar spent.(1)


Meanwhile, employers end up paying indirect costs for personal issues such as divorce, depression or employee conflict. The cost of an employee’s divorce on an employer can be upwards of $10,000.(2) The effects of general depression on an employee can cost a company more than $5,000.(3) Further, employees spend an average of 28 hours per week dealing with workplace conflict, resulting in lost time and productivity.(4) 

What is the value?

Based on speaker fees, time and talent resources expended, and general logistics, the value of a 1-hour Lunch & Learn program is around $1,000 per event. Based on statistics, this could yield a return of $6,000 for the business! This does not include the money saved by helping employees prevent issues such as divorce, depression and workplace conflict. 


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